The Why?

When I look back on this time in my life, I want to know where I was and what I was learning. This blog will be my vessel to that goal. Over the next year of our lives we will live in four different locations, four different “homes” and. And, what? That question or mystery won’t be known until the adventure begins. But, thats the gift of the whole experience. I mean, this is what people do in their first year of marriage, right?

When you’ve lived a life very planned to participate in the total opposite is merely a joke. But, thats what I want in life, to push myself outside my [box] comfort. Thats my why.

I have beautiful aspirations of what i’d like to accomplish over 365 days. It looks something like this:

  • volunteer
  • craft (knit, candle make and soap make)
  • cheese-make and perserve
  • work on a farm
  • have a random part-time job that holds not purpose besides happiness
  • cook a whole cookbook
  • learn four new things (skills)
  • read books
  • save money [alot of money, for a downpayment]
  • run a half marathon
  • yoga, lots of yoga

And, the rest we shall see.

I guess I should explain the “HOW?” The reason for a year of traveling around the U.S.A. is for my wife, well for her job to be exact. She is a PT and will be taking contracts for three and half month stints in different locations. The great thing is, we get to pick the location. And, somewhat the setting of the job.

First stop, California. Where in California is yet to be determined? We “should” know within a week or two.


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