First Location is….

Sonora, California. Our First (new) Home.

Things we know about Sonora

  • closest town to Yosemite National Park
  • about 5,000 people
  • old mining town
  • has wineries (within 30 miles)
  • has a cindery
  • one coffee roaster
  • one knitting shop
  • an apothecary shop
  • a growing downtown [that we (will) live within blocks]
  • a year round farmers market
  • a co-op

Yes, it is clear I know whats needed when I move some where new. Oh! And, there is a ski area within 50 miles. Looks like my wife is going to be living the snow bunny life (she’s made is clear she drinks, I ski.)

As a countdown looms on us, we have many things to finish. The list entails:

Packing the remaining boxes (5), go to two cooking classes, a knitting class, dinner with friends to talk about their new bun in the oven, teach a baby class, volunteering for 5 hours (seemed like a great idea, last week!), meet with a big brother/big sister and her mentor who is an aspiring birth professional, have the movers come and drop off all of our (remaining) things to storage, Bri has to go to the dentist, a (pre) walk-through with our (new) property management company, a Happy Hour Party! , a holiday party with my favorite boy date and…. Who knows what else? But, phew that’s a hefty list for 5 days. Yes, that’s only for the next five days! We will be moving in eight or nine (yes, we are undecided on which day we fly the coop).


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