Good things come in small packages


The Kitchen


Old fixtures and exposed beams



A French department store clothing rack


IMG_0331 IMG_0332

This is the adorable and charming world we’re living in. It is rustic, minimal and impressionable. There is a main room that is our bedroom, kitchen, dining room and living room. [ That sounds miserable, but really it’s very relaxing! ] And.. ahh the bathroom/dressing room is heavenly. I really think I’ve had dreams about it. There is a beautiful front porch and great exposed beams within in the cottage.

The only adjustment is the Kitchen… we have no oven or kitchen sink. Which has come with its concerns and questions. But, so far its going ok. What were both noticing is it forces you to cut down on waste and use everything . We will see how I feel about it a month from now? My dad had bought us a great induction cooktop, so we’ve used that and it works Excellent !

Our landlord owns a quaint little retail shop downtown. Speaking of the downtown, it’s where we live. So you can walk one block and you are at the yoga studio, coffee shops, apothecary store or yarn shop. There is also a sewing school that is within 3 blocks, I am planning on taking an intermediate course there next month for 6 weeks!


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