So far…

Sonora,Ca is so quaint and sweet! It has a downtown that you’d melt for. All those lovely shops that I talked about (Good things come in small packages  ) have been so wonderful. Some of the things we’ve done so far…

The FarmoryIMG_0326

So we Love food. But, good from the earth [local/ support your farmer] kind of food. And.. we’ve found it. There is this group of folks ( mountain organic people ) that gather twice weekly at an airport. Yes, an airport. They host a buying club and three or four local farmers. And, the best part is they have a cafe [ The Farmory ] that makes Delish food.

We’ve grown to adore Purple Potatoes. I found this Yummy recipe on Pinterest [ Purple Potatoes with pesto ] .

Sonora Sewing School

Well I will be talking a lot about the sewing school, because I am going… To Sewing School! January 14th is the start date. And, the goal is to open an Etsy store with the knowledge I learn from the class.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch

This is the Place of happy Turkeys. We have been so thankful to be so close (5 miles) to this ranch. It’s a sustainable family owned ranch that has been around since 1949. They have a small little store on their grounds where you can Anything turkey.  We’ve had:

  • Turkey Churizo and eggs
  • Ground turkey with gravy over purple potatoes
  • Organic roasted deli turkey with cream cheese
  • Oven roasted turkey breast with purple potatoes and sour cream

Next week I will make another trip to the farm and make these yummy enchiladas!


Happy momma deer and her babies at the Ranch!


Happy Turkeys!

Moving from Portland we were So blessed to have any activities or gym option we could think of. I feel like I took that for granted and didn’t even know it. Bri’s love of crossfit (Mt. Tabor Crossfit is sorely missed! ) and my new-found love of running have been off to a slow start. [ That’s what happens when you move in December]. But.. we are finding our way. Bri is giving Sonora Crossfit and I am sweating at Soma Fitness Studio [ one barre class, one spin class thus far]. Stay tuned for more stories, updates and reviews of those sweat-boxes!

January is going to be busy…

We’ve got a few visitors coming ( Mom and Jen & hoping the weather works for my Dad to fly) We are making our way to Hanford to celebrate Christmas with Bri’s family. And,  snowshoeing and All things Winter in Yosemite!


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