Where have we been?

No post since February (must be the death bed of blogging! ) Once we got to Chico (we’ve been here since March) it was like being back home and the charm of adventure slightly settled down. Due to predictability. We’ve managed to find a lot of newness in this town I called home for 8 years previous to moving to Portland,OR. Our highlights have looked like this:

1. Nor Cal Strength & Conditioning

  • this place has been our many things for both Bri and I. For me it’s helped me see that I am Damn strong. I am in control of my heath and very happy about it.  There have been so many highlights the biggest one is that I feel the healthiest now that I have ever felt in my life.

2. Instagram

  • With all of our physical activity at Nor Cal there has been A Lot of effort into our diet. The Farmers Market on Saturday mornings are a weekly highlight. My instagram account has turned into one of those food obsessed visuals! Pictures of mostly everything that I cook is on the insta.

3. We biked 70 miles!

  • Yep, you heard that right. I joined the club and put some mileage on my new bike. Our wonderful friends from Oakland came an rode the Flat Flower Sixty with us on April 24th.

4.  Friends [ you dont get a link for that]

  • Being back in Chico we got to spend time with some of our favorite people. Which has warmed our hearts.

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