This blog this is so great in theory ( in practice, we kinda suck! ) Maybe that just means we’ve been having the time of our lives and are too busy to slowdown? Or we’ve allowed life to create too much busyness ? Either way we kept our blog out of the loop.

Here’s what we’ve you missed ( because we haven’t shared! )

  1. We’re living in New Bedford,MA
  2. We’ve traveled to 16 states ( 18 for Bri) since leaving California in July.
  3. Darla is living with mom! ( in Reno, NV)
  4. We’re soon to set out on our last ( most likely) destination. We are crossing all fingers and toes that it will be Salt Lake City!
  5. We’ve learned how rock climb
  6. Bri has played rugby in Providence,RI and Totally kicked ass! Yes, I will happily boast on her behalf. Since we all know she’s too humble to do so.

Check out our Instagram pictures! (Linked on our home-page)

Here’s a few extras to hold your interest: