Our Favorites: Sonora

We have been traveling for a little over a year now (!) so we thought we would take the opportunity to list our ultimate favorite things from each of our assignments thus far. First up: Sonora, California. We have to admit that Sonora has been our least favorite location overall – the town was small and not very welcoming to those of the LGBT varietal – but we still found some great gems.

Diestel Ranch. This turkey ranch is situated in the country just a couple miles outside Sonora. All of the turkeys are pasture raised and roam on their extensive acreage. The best part was that they had a small farm store right on the property where we ventured weekly to pick up delicious turkey chorizo (just the right amount of spice and fat without being too greasy), turkey burgers and just straight up turkey for a great bargain.10848327_788147311259568_1614232022_n

Standard Pour. A restaurant featuring an extensive, frequently-rotating tap list and yummy food at great prices. We ordered the fried brussels sprout pretty much every time they had them, and also loved the unique burgers. It is also located in an old lumbar mill owned by a Pickering!

Sonora School of Sewing & Apparel Construction. What a gem! Angie took a 6-week class here for only $150, and loved the experience of having true experts show her their ways of constructing an outfit. The school itself is a small storefront in downtown Sonora run by the woman who sews the outfits for the San Francisco Ballet. In the end, she had a whole new level of sewing knowledge and brand new dress!

Grocery Outlet. Yep. We are listing a Grocery Outlet Bargain Market on our favorites. When it comes down to it, there are 3 reasons for that: 1) good wine selection with lots of deals and treasures, 2) lots of specialty food to choose from, and finally 3) it was the only place that we ever saw other lesbians (the same 2 every time, but hey, it still counts). Not only that, but it was less than a mile from our house, which made it our go-to for browsing and wandering.10848310_1515789982033965_1115277094_n



This blog this is so great in theory ( in practice, we kinda suck! ) Maybe that just means we’ve been having the time of our lives and are too busy to slowdown? Or we’ve allowed life to create too much busyness ? Either way we kept our blog out of the loop.

Here’s what we’ve you missed ( because we haven’t shared! )

  1. We’re living in New Bedford,MA
  2. We’ve traveled to 16 states ( 18 for Bri) since leaving California in July.
  3. Darla is living with mom! ( in Reno, NV)
  4. We’re soon to set out on our last ( most likely) destination. We are crossing all fingers and toes that it will be Salt Lake City!
  5. We’ve learned how rock climb
  6. Bri has played rugby in Providence,RI and Totally kicked ass! Yes, I will happily boast on her behalf. Since we all know she’s too humble to do so.

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Sonora,Ca is so quaint and sweet! It has a downtown that you’d melt for. All those lovely shops that I talked about (Good things come in small packages  ) have been so wonderful. Some of the things we’ve done so … Continue reading